Horses are majestic creatures with distinct personalities quirks. They quickly become part of the family as pets and companions. They also live a long time (25-30 Years) and no one with a beating heart can stay immune to their soft round eyes and gentle nature.

Achilles is a Fox Trotter, Choctaw a Tennessee Walker, still in their prime with lots of love to give and in better shape than their owners. With a heavy heart, a decision had to be made. The farrier was called for one last hoof trim and shoe fitting, the vet made a visit shortly after.

Saddles and tack were oiled and loaded along with blankets and favorite toys, which would accompany them to their new home. There would be no shortage of love for these two at the Boys Ranch. They would be petted and tended, ridden and loved by the boys of the ranch who desperately need to have a  purpose and unconditional love.

The ranch hand and long time friend of the owners brought me the hoof trimmings, one white, the other black. “Can you make a necklace for the owner to have a keepsake of her precious horses?” We talked design and this custom pendant was the result. Sterling Silver mounting and chain.

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