Twinkling stars in a sprinkle of stardust, that was the idea she woke up to one morning. She wanted it to look like the Lord sprinkled stars on her finger, and scattered stardust around them.

I grabbed a piece of paper and started to draw out her design. Once the basic concept was down on paper, she handed over the treasures.

The stones were from her first wedding set and cannot be replaced (sentimentally anyway). Her hubby gifted her with a new ring but she could not let go of the first one, keeping it in her jewelry box until she could think what to do with it.

This idea came to her and she knew it was exactly right. I love to see the clients face when they pick up their concept piece and it’s exactly what they wanted! My heart swells and I know they will treasure it always.

Her face positively radiated joy when she saw her ring.

Made my day

Happy Jeweler

14k Yellow Gold and Diamond Scatter Ring

14k Yellow Gold and Diamond Scatter Ring

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