When you look back and reflect on your life lived, what comes to mind as your most cherished memory? A person? A place? Most likely it is a bit of both and the feeling that you had for that moment in time.

A gentleman came to me and told me about a special memory his wife of many years, tells often. A story of being a child on a farm, spring time, warm soft breezes blowing and free time on her hands. Her favorite past time was to read a book under a huge willow tree. Peaceful and safe with a fascinating book in her hands she was transported to another land where fantasy ruled and she could loose herself in the story she read.

Christmas was coming and he wanted to give her something special. She had a stack of old coins from her dad and he slipped one away without her notice. He wanted to know if there was any way to incorporate his wife’s special memory on her fathers coin.

I set to work and engraved the scene onto the coin. The grass under the child, are the dates of her Mother and Fathers passing.

Christmas had a few happy tears that year and my heart smiled.


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