During our life walk, we choose paths which will direct and guide us throughout our duration on this earth. Many of our choices are made when we are young but still old enough to be responsible for their choosing.

The decision to be baptized is a life altering event for anyone who chooses to this path. The confirmation and dedication of your life toward the service of God and making this world a better place is not to be entered into lightly. With much thought and serious consideration, one young man chose to make this choice and I wanted to commend him for his decision.

This cross is a symbolic reminder of the vow he took and will serve to notify others of his heart, character and expectation of a solid moral compass. A cross symbolizes hope, goodness, kindness and a love of our Lord. It is my solemn wish that his life will be filled with the happiness and goodness he sows out toward others as through this action, we are enriched and blessed beyond measure in the eyes of our Lord. (and let’s be honest, God’s eyes are the only ones which matter)

This cross is hand carved and cast in sterling silver

Be Blessed Young Man

Much Love

Silver Baptism Cross Baptism Cross (2)

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