Lots of memories in this old house. Happy times and some, not so happy. He’s over 80 now and these cherished memories should be passed down to the kids. He runs his hands over the Browning Citori and thinks of his son. It will be perfect for his him but it could use some extra touches.

He came into my shop with the Browning and we talked over how to make this a special treasure for his son. This Citori is an older gun made in Belgium, an over and under 12 gauge shotgun with manufactured engraving which was rolled/stamped onto the receiver. The engraving is beautiful but very light and the surface flat and smooth.

I deepened the design already present and added back-grounding, shading, and relief cuts giving the original engraving pattern a boost in the “wow” category. Finished off with 24k yellow gold inlay above the center medallion lending character to this shotgun and setting it apart from it’s peers. The little scuffs and marks are tribute to the long life this relic has had and each nick tells a story.

I loved the look in his eye when he saw his gun, he is proud to hand down this heirloom and the memories made with it.


Browning Citori (2) Browning Citori (3) Browning Citori (1) Browning Citori (4)

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