First, I would like to say thank you to the sign company which referred this customer to me. Word of mouth is how I get most of my customers and I am eternally grateful for anyone who likes my work enough to recommend me to someone else. Thank You!

This customer found a gun he wanted to keep for himself and just make it beautiful and custom. We talked about his vision and I set to work.

It’s a great hand piece, an Officers Model 1911 with flat black parkerized finish. This creates a sharp contrast between the cut of the graver and the casing allowing the work to really stand out. I chose an American Scroll design with borders and trailing swirls down both sides.

Eventually, the entire gun will have engraving but we will do it in stages, rather like tattoo work, as finances allow. He wants to have a show piece for his personal collection and I am happy to say he liked the work done.



Officers 911 Slide 1 Officers 1911 Slide 2

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