I stopped by to see an old friend, do some catching up. We don’t get to see each other very often. His cluttered work space is filled with odds and ends which one day may be useful, in some obscure project where his customer says “they don’t make this part anymore” and my friend lights up and say “Ah, but….I just happen to have one of those right here” and magic happens. The day is saved.

Being of the same mind (this means we never throw away anything much to the dismay of our wives) I settled comfortably amongst the organized chaos and picked up a random piece that caught my eye. “Hey, that reminds me, think you could do something with that? I got it as part of a project payment and had some ideas.”

He wanted something with wolves and skulls. (There’s a story in there, I just know it) Sure enough! A friend of his is a wolf enthusiast and skull enthusiast. He wants a Christmas present for him. Well, alright! Let’s see what I can do.

Poked around at drawings and sketches until I found the perfect style. I envisioned a snarling lone wolf on one side and pack running on the other with skulls in the foreground. This piece has a black cerakote finish which is perfect for engraving. Cutting through the black reveals the bright aluminum underneath making the engraving pop out in sharp relief.

He liked it

shotgun-receiver-wolf-skull-2 shotgun-receiver-wolf-skull-1

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