The rings were handed down to her and sat in her jewelry box for years. Her grandparents wedding set. They passed long ago but touching the rings brought back memories like they happened yesterday. She wanted to do something special with them and had an idea.

A mothers ring using the gold from the wedding set and her own heart shaped diamond from her original engagement ring (she couldn’t bear to part with it, even when a new one was given later). She now had 4 children who were the light in her life and she had always wanted a mothers ring.

She went to a chain jewelry store with the idea and they said they would do it but the price was astonishing! You cannot put a price on sentimental value but you CAN put a price on melting it down into a new creation. Her mother in law pointed her to my store.

We talked and I did some calculations. Let’s just say, my price was affordable and realistic. She happily left me with her treasures and I set about creating her new ring.

Center stage the heart diamond from her engagement ring, with Citrine, Pink Topaz(2) and Alexandrite birth stones, accented with blue sapphires, mounted in the gold from her grandparents wedding set.

It was exactly what she wanted and made my day!. This is why I love what I do!


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