This is a Henry Golden Boy rifle I got from a customer who had won it in a raffle. He wanted to sell it but wanted me to engrave it first. I had talked to him once and said, “If you sell that to me, I’m going to engrave it!”

Well, he made me promise to engrave the rifle and send him pictures of it finished before I resold it.

Then somebody came into the store almost immediately — the same day — just as I was taking the rifle out of the box and was like, “How much?”

I said, “I can’t sell it yet. I got to engrave it!”

“Well, how much for the engraving too?” he asked.

So I actually engraved that gun for a customer sight-unseen because they wanted the gun so bad! they were willing to pay me to do the engraving just to get it!

This was the first time I engraved an animal on a gun. It has a little squirrel up front because it is a great squirrel gun (it’s a 22 mag rifle). I did all the engraving on it before I would let him take it home with home with him. And I took pictures and sent them to the original owner who sold me the gun.

I’m a man of my word!

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