This engraving I did for a customer friend of mine who is a retired Topeka policeman. This was his off-duty carry gun while he was on the force and he is never getting rid of it. He always wanted a gun engraved like the old-time cowboy guns so he brought his off-duty weapon to me and had me engrave it.

All the engraving is done free hand just ‘cause he wanted it engraved as much as he could.

Engraving projects like this one are so much fun to do because it involves a gun that means something very special to the owner. They are not going to sell it and they want it to be special so they can pass it on to their kids.

We left the Smith & Wesson logo intact but added engraving around it to give it a coat of arms feel.

Smith & Wesson Off Duty Carry Gun

Smith & Wesson Off Duty Carry Gun

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