This is the third piece of jewelry I ever made in my life! My mom wears this ring to this day! That is my mom’s wedding ring. It’s sterling silver and white gold. I cast the ring when I was in college, just in my second semester of jewelry.

Granted, it is a fairly simple design. We didn’t have have stones set in it when I originally cast it. She brought it in to me some time later – after I was out of school and had my first jewelry store — and said, “Do you think there is any way you can set stones in this?”

So we did! The piece with the openings on each side is the original and has the quarter karat diamond attached to it. I made the second piece later for her. It is actually a wrap that has been welded to the original. It and the two diamonds are separate from the original piece.

Even though it is one of the first, original pieces I ever cast in my life, it just makes me grin every time I see her wearing it!

My Mom's Wedding Ring

My Mom’s Wedding Ring

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