This Walther PPK is my personal carry gun. I had it a few years and just wanted to do something special with it. It is an ongoing project so I’ll keep doing stuff on it until it is pretty much covered in engraving.

Engraving Detail.

Engraving Closeup.

I started with the slide, did a little bit of western-style engraving on it, and then did some gold inlay around the logo. I just deepened the existing engraving of the banner and undercut it so I could hammer down 24 karat gold into the lines. Then I polished it back off, level with the surface of the metal to give it the same look it had — except now it’s gold.

Close up of Walther PPK

Walther PPK

I do the stippling finish around the engraving so it’s actually chiseled out. It’s kind of deep. If you run your fingers over it, you can feel the depth of the engraving. Then I did a black enamel in the background to make the design stand out.

Walther Detail.

Gold Inlay Detail.

I have a custom-made knife ready to go with this gun. It has a cocobolo hardwood handle and a stainless steel bolster. The knife is made by local knife maker Kimber Roads. Together the knife and gun will make up a set and once done, I’ll probably quit carrying the Walther. I’ll put the engraved set in the display case and tell people they can’t buy it!

But I will be glad to make them one like it!

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