The first time anyone tries something new it’s a bit nerve-wracking and exciting all rolled up into one lump of anxiety.

Not long ago we visited craftsman in Eureka Springs, AR. These talented craftsmen were inspiring and genuinely pleased to share their love of art and pass along a few tips and tricks. I listened closely to Kurtz Miller, the craftsman with an obscure little shop in an out of the way place, we stumbled upon.

When we entered the dimly lit studio, we were surrounded by the most amazing scrimshaw art I have seen outside of a museum. He is very talented and I was thrilled he allowed me to sit at his side and listen to stories.  He has quite a few!

I’ve had scrimshaw on my “to do” list for years but just haven’t gotten around to it until now. This was my second piece (the first was an alligator on antler handle knife). The handle of this Damascus Steel knife is bone and not very porous, making it a great piece to work with. If the piece is porous, the black ink (which goes on last to make the art stand out) will sink into the surrounding area, turning it a grey shade and no amount of elbow grease takes that out!

I felt a soaring eagle would work well with this knife and then had to add a bit more detail. He needed a bit more majesty and freedom so I added mountains and trees. The rivets on the handle are in a great place to look a bit like a moon.

I’m hooked and love the way it turned out.

If you have an item you want to have scrimshawed, please give me a call!

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