“Knives are fun! Knives never run out of bullets!” quips master craftsman Jeff Loehr. “But seriously, I like knives because they are a faster engraving and you can put a lot of detail in a small area. And everybody can carry a knife with them — except into airports!

Making knives is a natural next step in weapon engraving and customization. I have a forge at home and use an old anvil my grandfather passed down.

Hammering out a shape and grinding the metal into a usable weapon that is functional and beautiful is my goal. There are so many materials to work with and I never run out of options to make a unique piece.

This was a fascinating interest for me as I engrave other local craftsmen’s work, including Dave Durr, also of Forsyth.

Metal crafting is my art and knife making let’s me express a different aspect of that art. I love how they come together and if you visit my Knife Gallery, you can take a look at some of the knives I have made.