“In the last few years,” notes jeweler Jeff Loehr, “I’ve started focusing on earring designs that are expressly unique. And that’s not easy — you only have so many options!

“You only have so much area to work with and you have to make sure they are not too heavy.

“Usually you look more at the stone setting patterns, and add colored stones like pink diamonds and sapphires, and then look at engraving.

“I also do repoussé metalwork, in which the designs are hammered in the back, creating a beautiful embossing pattern while keeping the earring nice and light.

“With the repoussé, you begin with a softer, malleable metal like gold, silver or copper. I anneal it so it softens, then draw the original designs on the back.” Each line of the piece is gently added one tap at a time. “Earrings are tough to make unique so it require thought and planning!”

Original handmade earrings.

Original handmade earrings.