This is your jeweler’s and engraver’s best friend! It’s a basic signet ring from a simple silver casting. This casting leaves you with a complete blank state. You can do anything from setting stones to just engraving as I did on this one.

Here I engraved the square and compasses for the Third Degree Master Mason. I’ve been a Mason for years and they have such beautiful symbols, all of which really lend to engraving and jewelry design.

But I just wanted to create a ring like this! I’ve done a few for people over the years. I did a PassMaster for one of my friends as he went through. That one had less detail than this one.

I cast these in gold and silver. I make the molds myself so I can cast the rings in whatever I choose.


Masonic Signet Ring

Masonic Signet Ring

Close-up of the signet ring.

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